We connect people who want to improve literacy with the resources needed to do it – grounded in the science of reading.

What have we been up to?

Since launching the Minnesota Literacy Coalition in May of 2023, our action teams have been hard at work addressing key strategies to advance literacy success – and we are meeting our goals! This month, action teams met to revisit priorities and brainstorm what to address next.

We are excited to share our progress and what’s coming in 2024. Stay tuned for future deep dives into these projects in the coming months.


Strong Instruction

Current Priorities and Progress:

  • Support districts to select and adopt strong curricula
    • MN Literacy Coalition has multiple members included on the MPS Curriculum Selection Committee 
    • Supported Science of Reading-aligned supplementary curriculum and partners to establish/grow their presence in non-MPS schools
    • Seeking to support districts and schools by increasing access to change leadership experts (i.e. bringing supports local, providing funding, etc.)
  • Train building leaders and educators on the Science of Reading
    • Launched the Literacy Leaders Cohort course and enrolled over 40 school and district leaders


Coming in 2024:

  • Ensure that the new Minneapolis Public Schools superintendent prioritizes literacy and is aligned in their thinking around Science of Reading
  • Help grow/scale or bring new school-based tutoring/intervention programs to address barriers named by schools and families
  • Support districts with the implementation of curricula recommendations from the READ act


Family Partnerships and Extended Learning

Current Priorities & Progress:

  • Provide caregivers with information and targeted resources/supports via schools and community partners
    • Assembled the Family Advisory Panel
    • Drafted the Parental Guide for Literacy; in the editing phase now!
  • Expand and align training in Science of Reading for community partners 
    • Hennepin County Library is piloting Let’s Read, a K5 Literacy Support program at six library locations: Brookdale, Brooklyn Park, Franklin, Hosmer, North Regional and Oxboro. Hennepin County Library is partnering with Reading Partners. 


Coming in 2024:

  • Pilot for literacy Out of School Time Programs
    • Starting family focus groups to learn about the barriers influencing their decisions around out-of-school literacy supports.
    • Interviewing a wide range of Out of School Time support providers to find impactful options that meet the needs of families and students.


Robust Ecosystem

Current Priorities & Progress

  • Increase public awareness of and buy-in for the Science of Reading, and increase ways for community members and caregivers to demand Science of Reading-aligned practices 
    • Launched the Minnesota Coalition Website
    • Provided virtual screening passes of Right to Read in October and November
    • Hosted a literacy event featuring Emily Hanford & Kareem Weaver in November – Recording Here!
  • Influence a diverse coalition of policymakers and ecosystem leaders to ensure strong, accountable implementation of the READ Act legislation 
    • The Read Act became law!!!
    • Working to increase MN Literacy Coalition presence at the State Capitol


Potential Priorities for 2024:

  • Raise awareness and support for the Extended Learning Opportunity Bill
  • Share the stories of Minnesotans and their literacy journey to inspire and spread awareness and urgency
  • Urge transparency around Literacy Incentive Aid and advocate for a shift towards funds going to districts and kids that need it most
  • Co-hosting in MN Literacy Day at the Capitol in April


We are so proud of the work that has already been done in just six short months. However, we know there is still a long way to go to improve literacy outcomes for all.

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