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2024 MN Literacy Day at the Capitol

On April 17th, Great MN Schools and Decoding Dyslexia joined forces again to co-host MN Literacy Day at the Capitol. Over 200 students, parents, teachers, community leaders, legislators, and advocates were there to celebrate literacy and demand that lawmakers continue to support the strong implementation of the READ Act and prioritize literacy measures for all students in Minnesota.


What are legislators saying?

The READ Act was a historic investment in literacy for the state, and this year’s updated “READ Act 2.0” will include more funding and flexibility. Governor Tim Walz spoke at the event and expressed “The more tools, the more training we give them, the more support we give them, the better outcomes we get…because the goal here is to make sure each and every one of these children can thrive and reach their full potential.”

Representative Heather Edelson, chief
author of the House
bill, addressed the crowd at literacy day to emphasize the importance of legislative support: “When we as a state said this is something we want to do, we wanted to look at things that make sure our children know how to read…now we’re finding another issue, and we have to fix that.”


Grounding voices

Speakers from various backgrounds took the stage at the Capitol to share their personal and professional experiences with literacy. Speakers included Ann Johnson, VP of Education Programs at Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) and 3rd grader Selin Guruscu, who shared her experience gaining empowerment as a learner with dyslexia.

The future looks bright

Schools from across the Twin Cities showed their support at the capitol, bringing along posters emphasizing the theme of this year’s literacy day – Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. Schools represented included: Hennepin Schools, Nellie Stone Johnson, Cityview Elementary, Agamim, and New Millennium Academy. The passion and excitement for powerful messages like ‘Literacy for All’ and ‘Equitable Education for All’ illuminated the rotunda.



Our hearts are full from the support shown towards literacy equity. Students practiced democracy by showing up and making their voices heard. Although there is much more work to be done for literacy outcomes, the future looks bright.

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