We connect people who want to improve literacy with the resources needed to do it – grounded in the science of reading.

Strong Instruction

Are you interested in curriculum, teacher training, and support for school and district leaders? Join our Strong Instruction Action Team!

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What Do We do?


  1. Instruction: All curricula, programs, and literacy instruction implemented in schools align to the Science of Reading (SoR).
  2. Assessment: Schools use reliable / appropriate measures for measuring literacy proficiency; Elimination of the “discrepancy model” as a way to identify students w/ text-based disabilities.
  3. Professional Learning: All building leaders and educators receive consistent training and professional development in SoR and feel supported to effectively implement.


  1. Support districts to create and execute comprehensive literacy strategies, including:
    1. Selecting and adopting strong curricula.
    2. Training leaders and educators on the SoR.
  2. Support and hold schools accountable for implementation of literacy plans.

Team Leaders

Sara Spafford Freeman

Anna McKinney

Melissa Long

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