We connect people who want to improve literacy with the resources needed to do it – grounded in the science of reading.

Robust Ecosystem

Are you interested in building the conditions needed through public awareness and state and local policy to ensure that our children, teachers, and school districts have what they need to be successful readers? Join our Robust Ecosystem Action Team!

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What Do We Do?


  1. Public Awareness and Advocacy: Widespread understanding of and demand for the Science of Reading among decision-makers, community members, and caregivers.
  2. School Accountability and Conditions: Schools use reliable, appropriate measures for measuring reading proficiency (including elimination of the “discrepancy model”) and SoR-aligned curriculum and programs.
  3. Building Leader and Educator Training and Success: All building leaders and educators get consistent professional development and support in the SoR.


  1. Increase public awareness of and buy-in for the SoR, and increase ways for community members and caregivers to demand SoR-aligned practices.
  2. Influence a diverse coalition of policymakers and ecosystem leaders to ensure strong, accountable implementation of the READ Act legislation.
  3. Influence higher education teacher prep programs to incorporate the SoR in their curriculum.

Team Leaders

Rachel Berger

Kyle Parsons

Melissa Long

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