We connect people who want to improve literacy with the resources needed to do it – grounded in the science of reading.

About Us

Literacy is key to every person’s ability to live a choice-filled life. The Minnesota Literacy Coalition convenes a group of local leaders to work towards improved equity and excellence in literacy outcomes. We envision a future where every child experiences literacy success grounded in the science of reading.

Who We Are

Khulia Pringle

Khulia started her work in education as a Promise Fellow at a Charter school, and saw some amazing work by a Black woman, which she had never seen before. She went back to school to become a teacher, at the same time, her daughter was getting pushed out, and she couldn’t believe it. She was encouraged to say and do something about her situation, as she was learning and she was not alone. She gained confidence in her voice, and she has been fighting ever since. Khulia fights for education justice because she is sick and tired of just being sick and tired of watching her community, the Black community, not be able to shine as children, which leads to further oppression as adults.

Tyrize Cox

Tyrize is the Executive Director of Engagement and External Relations at Minneapolis Public Schools. In this role, she manages efforts to support students, staff, families and communities in understanding and participating in the MPS educational system. The department supports family-school partnerships that create a welcoming and safe environment for students. Additional functions include student enrollment, Parent Advisory Councils (PAC), Parent Academy, community partnerships and the volunteer program.

Melissa Long

Melissa has over 20 years of experience working toward quality education for all kids as a teacher, instructional coach, school administrator, and within education nonprofit organizations. After five years of teaching, Melissa became a founding leader at DC Prep Edgewood Elementary School (a National Blue Ribbon school), where she served as the instructional coach and the assistant principal. Melissa also worked as a director of school support and as the managing director of partnership design at the Achievement Network, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that every child has access to an excellent education.

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How We Work

The Minnesota Literacy Coalition is united around a common purpose to change literacy experiences and outcomes in our state. To do so:

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