We connect people who want to improve literacy with the resources needed to do it – grounded in the science of reading.

Our Story

Literacy is key to every person’s ability to live a choice-filled life. However, in Minneapolis, fewer than 33% of Indigenous, Black and Latinx students are reading at grade level vs. more than 75% of white students. Students who can not read by the end of third grade are 4x more likely to drop out of school.

There are many local organizations working hard to improve reading proficiency, but we know we are better together!

In 2020, Great MN Schools commissioned a Literacy Needs Assessment to better understand how the shift to literacy, aligned to the science of reading, was going in schools.

After speaking to dozens of organizations and community leaders working tirelessly to address the literacy gap, it was clear there was an interest in collaborating more deeply and connecting efforts to increase our collective impact.

In response, Great MN Schools stood up as convener and launched the Minnesota Literacy Coalition in 2023 alongside co-chairs from the National Parents Union MN and Minneapolis Public Schools.

The Minnesota Literacy Coalition convenes over 60 local leaders to work towards improved equity and excellence in literacy outcomes.

By working together we envision a future where:

ALL CHILDREN are recognized for their language assets and supported to acquire the literacy skills appropriate to their development and age/grade.
FAMILIES AND CAREGIVERS are valued partners in their children’s education and are equipped to support literacy development.
PK-12 EDUCATORS are prepared and supported to provide culturally-affirming, engaging, evidence-backed, and accessible literacy instruction.
COMMUNITY PARTNERS deliver high-quality, coherent literacy services.
DECISION MAKERS have the information and public support to enact effective literacy development efforts and policies.

Why Join?

  • Increase your organization’s impact.
  • Build stronger connections with others in this space.
  • Access resources to accelerate literacy efforts.

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